September 23, 2019

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Recent Milwaukee Legal Articles

Activists Call for Milwaukee Mayor’s Resignation Over Lead Poisoning

Photo Credit:, Creative Commons 2.0 In mid-January, Milwaukee mayor, Tom Barrett, fired the Health Commissioner, Bevan Baker – a move activist Robert Miranda said was insufficient in the wake of widespread lead poisoning. Miranda … [Read More...]

Two Cases of Sexual Assault by Paramedics

A firefighter and paramedic in Wisconsin was arrested last month for molesting a woman he was supposed to be caring for. The event occurred in an ambulance as it made its way to the hospital. Clifford Heiser, the perpetrator, resigned from his post … [Read More...]

Wisconsin Alcohol Laws

The laws regarding the sale and purchase of beer, wine and liquor in Wisconsin are pretty straightforward and easy to remember. You can buy and sell beer in Wisconsin seven days a week from 6:00 until midnight, and you can buy and sell wine and … [Read More...]